Why becoming a Juice Plus Franchise Partner could be the answer you have been looking for

The Juice Plus+® Virtual Franchise® allows you to sell top quality vegan nutritional supplements to other ski-ers or anyone you think would benefit from top quality nutritional supplements. You can gain customers via your franchise partner website, over the telephone or while you are in resort. You never have to buy products for resale and there are no minimum sales targets to retain the franchise You have no overheads You have no delivery costs as the Juice Plus company takes care of that. All you need is internet access to place your customer's order on your virtual office and not only can you grow your existing business, but you can expand your online presence and get new customers in any of the 29 countries in which Juice Plus operates. You can also gain commission by signing up other franchise partners who would like to have their own business for exactly the same reasons as you need it!
Sports nutrition is critical for performance and recovery. Juice Plus capsules offer 30 varieties fruit, vegetables, berries and omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids in convenient capsules as well as the Complete Shake meal replacement drinks used by endurance athletes such as Dave O'Brien (se video testimonial!) . You do not need to be a sports nutritionist because there is a huge amount of independent research demonstrating how it helps reduce the effects of oxidative stress caused by strenuous exercise as well as lots more research that may be of interest to your customers. Juice Plus is the most widely researched supplement of its kind. All products are vegan, pesticide-free, gluten-free and retain 98% of the phyto-nutrients from when they were harvested, perfect for the sporting community!